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HTML Basics

Lets learn about some basic elements of HTML like Headings, Paragraphs, Images, Links, Buttons and Lists

Lets start with a simple HTML Document or Webpage

A Simple HTML Document

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Page Title</title>
<h1>Page Heading</h1>
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  • The <!DOCTYPE html> declaration defines this document to be HTML5
  • The <html> element is the root element of an HTML page
  • The <head> element contains meta-information about the document
  • The <title> element specifies a title for the document
  • The <body> element contains the visible page content
  • The <h1> element defines a large heading
  • The <p> element defines a paragraph

HTML Headings

HTML provide six headings from <h1> to <h6>.

Heading <h1> is the largest heading and <h6> is the smallest heading.

<h1>Page Heading1</h1>
<h2>Page Heading2</h2>
<h3>Page Heading3</h3>
<h4>Page Heading4</h4>
<h5>Page Heading5</h5>
<h6>Page Heading6</h6>
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HTML Paragraphs

Paragraphs in HTML are defined by <p> tag.

Heading <h1> is the largest heading and <h6> is the smallest heading.

<p>First Paragrph</p>
<p>Second Paragrph</p>
<p>Third Paragrph</p>
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HTML provides two types of lists

  1. Ordered Lists/Numbered Lists represented by <ol> tag.
  2. Unordered lists/Bulleted Lists represented by <ul> tag.

List items are represented by <li> tag.


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In HTML links are created using the anchor tag <a>.

The destination url is added in href="... " attribute.

<a href="">HTML Link</a>
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Buttons in HTML are created by <button> tag.

<button>HTML Button</button>
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HTML defines the images with <img> tag.

Some attributes used in it are:

  • src="..." attribute is used to add the image address/url.
  • alt="..." attribute is used to provide an alternate text for slow connections.
  • height="..." and width="..." attributes are used for specifyinng the height and width of the image respectively.

<img src="" alt="Blogger" height="100px" width="100px" />
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